"In Memory" on this week's The Real World Brooklyn

The Real World BrooklynCheck out MTV’s The Real World: Brooklyn this week (Wednesday @ 10pm ET/PT) and listen for In Memory. Keep in mind: It’s quite possible the song may be buried in the dialogue, or really short. Also, they won’t mention the name of the band as this is an instrumental tune. Only the bands with singers get mentioned, unfortunately.

If you miss it, watch the episode (and all episodes) online, here or on iTunes.

GDEB on Real World Road Rules: The Island - This Week!

Country Jam will be on this weekʼs episode of The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Island near the beginning of the episode (after the ‘Previously On’ bit).
The episode airs 10PM Wednesday on MTV. If you’re not on the west coast, check your TV listings.

GDEB on MTV's The Real World Hollywood

GDEB has been played in several episodes of MTV’s The Real World Hollywood!  Watch online at mtv.com (episodes 8 & 9).  The songs used are “Country Jam” and “Everyone’s Turning Back”