Free 25-Minute Ambient MP3 - "Downward Facing"

I was recently tasked with creating a 30 minute ambient song for a client for the purpose of helping people relax and drift off to sleep-land. Here is one of the tracks I recorded which I thought I’d pass along to all of you – for free!

Perfect for: Trying to get to sleep, yoga classes, studying, working, thinking, meditating, and when you need to solve a rubik’s cube.

Listen to “Downward Facing” here:

Download MP3

Goddamn Electric Bill Covers Metric (Free Mp3)

Last year I did a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds in order to press vinyl for the new album Jazz. Not only did I succeed, but several wonderful people donated an extra amount for me to cover any song they wished. The first song I covered was Feliz Navidad, requested by Boon Sheridan for the holidays. And, thanks to Benoit Laflamme, I am pleased to present my instrumental cover version of “The Police and the Private” by Metric.

Download the MP3

The next Kickstarter cover is actually a Goddamn Electric Bill acoustic cover for my friends at QBS Alternative Radio in Doha, Qatar: Our History, Part 2 + Wake Me Up. Stay Tuned!

Free Cell Phone Ringtones

Get free Goddamn Electric Bill ringtones for your iPhone and Android!
I’ll be adding to this page occasionally with new ringtones, so check back.

1. Lost in the Zoo (8-bit Intro)iPhone | MP3

2. Lost in the Zoo (8-bit Outro)iPhone | MP3

Goddamn Electric Bill vs. Hot Chip (Free MP3)

Download “Girl From School,” Goddamn Electric Bill’s alternate-realty instrumental version of Hot Chip’s “Boy From School.”

Download MP3