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Dead Alive Special Edition CD

An exclusive 27-song Eco-Wallet CD and strictly LIMITED TO 100, this package includes:

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Like Crazy Soundtrack - Music in the Movie

Paul Simon – “Crazy Love, Vol. II”
Dustin O’Halloran – “Opus 37″
 The Ruby Suns – “Closet Astrologer”  
The Mary Onettes – “Century”
M83 – “I Guess I’m Floating”
Dustin O’Halloran – “Opus 55″  
Asobi Saksu – “Thursday”    
The Tallest Man on Earth – “The Wild Hunt”  
The Radio Dept. – “Closing Scene”  
Figurine – “S.O.S. (Remix)”  
Figurine – “IMpossible”
Stars – “Dead Hearts”
Fool’s Gold – “Surprise Hotel”
Goddamn Electric Bill – “Less Evil”  
A Winged Victory for the Sullen – “Minuet for a Cheap Piano N. 2″    
Dustin O’Halloran – “Opus 26″  
Goddamn Electric Bill – “Pull the Lever”  
Dustin O’Halloran – “Fragile N. 4″
Dustin O’Halloran – “We Move Lightly”

Goddamn Electric Bill has two songs (Less Evil (written for the film) and Pull The Lever (on the new album, Jazz)) in the 2011 Grand-Jury Prize Winning Sundance Film Festival Film, “Like Crazy Soundtrack” on Paramount Pictures.

GDEB at Sundance with Drake DoremusI had the opportunity to see the film on opening day at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, UT at the Eccles Theater (1200 seats!) and I can’t stress enough how amazing and beautiful the film was. It was no surprise that the movie sold to Paramount for a festival-topping 4 million dollars shortly after premiering.

Goddamn Electric Bill – Pull The Lever
Scene: Jacob Driving To The Airport

Download MP3 or buy the CD

Goddamn Electric Bill – Less Evil
Scene: Jacob and Anna Dancing in Hotel

Download MP3: iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp or buy the CD

Like Crazy Soundtrack – Music From The Film
All The Songs From The Film

Paul Simon – “Crazy Love, Vol. II”, Dustin O’Halloran – “Opus 37”, The Ruby Suns – “Closet Astrologer”, The Mary Onettes – “Century”, M83 – “I Guess I’m Floating”, Dustin O’Halloran – “Opus 55”, Asobi Saksu – “Thursday”, The Tallest Man on Earth – “The Wild Hunt”, The Radio Dept. – “Closing Scene”, Figurine – “S.O.S. (Remix)”, Figurine – “IMpossible”, Stars – “Dead Hearts”, Fool’s Gold – “Surprise Hotel”, Goddamn Electric Bill – “Less Evil”, A Winged Victory for the Sullen – “Minuet for a Cheap Piano N. 2”, Dustin O’Halloran – “Opus 26”, Goddamn Electric Bill – “Pull the Lever”, Dustin O’Halloran – “Fragile N. 4”, J.C. Lines – “Plumb Crazy”, Dustin O’Halloran – “We Move Lightly”

The Like Crazy Soundtrack
Check out the official Like Crazy – Movie Soundtrack:

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The Official Movie Trailer

Sunny Day Real Estate Cover Now on iTunes

Sunny Day Real Estate - Tearing In My Heart Cover MP3
Goddamn Electric Bill – “Tearing In My Heart” (Sunny Day Real Estate Cover) is now available for purchase on iTunes!

Download MP3 (iTunes)

JAZZ Featured on AOL Spinner's Full CD Listening Party

Spinner has kindly picked up JAZZ to be featured for it’s release.

Stream the whole album over at their site!

Order The New Album, JAZZ!

Order the new Goddamn Electric Bill in one of three ways.

Buy 180-200g yellow vinyl limited to 250 copies

Buy Digipak CD limited to 300 copies

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Get a Record or CD before they are gone forever!
Released: February 8th, 2011

Free Holiday MP3 (Feliz Navidad)

Thanks to one of the “Jazz” vinyl backers, I am releasing a free mp3 of the song, “Feliz Navidad” for everyone this holiday.

Download MP3

Thanks to Boon for his support (& song pick)!

Two more backer songs coming soon…

Happy Holidays!


JAZZ - The new Goddamn Electric Bill Album. Order Now!

It took almost two years, but the new album “Jazz has finally been released on Pro.Con Records on February 8th, 2011! A lot of the songs were written for the movie, Douchebag, which made it to the Sundance Film Festival in 2010. Also, “Pull The Lever” (Track 2 from JAZZ) make it into the new Sundance film, Like Crazy which just sold to Paramount Pictures and won the Grand Jury Prize at the 2011 festival. This album, easily, is my favorite release to date and I’m so excited for you all to hear it!
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Douchebag Movie Soundtrack - Available Now!

Download all the Goddamn Electric Bill songs from the 2010 Sundance pick, Douchebag!
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"Jazz" Album Cover Revealed!

Here it is, soon to be happily topping vinyl and CDs in a few short weeks – the cover of “Jazz”

Douchebag - Movie Trailer & Showtimes

The theatrical trailer for the movie “Douchebag” has just been released!
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YOU Release the NEW Goddamn Electric Bill VINYL RECORD!

If you pre-order the new VINYL ALBUM and we all reach the goal you will become PART of the record. That’s right. Your name will live in glory, in print, in one of the limited hand-numbered vinyl records.
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Douchebag - Theatrical Release Dates

The film, Douchebag is premiering in US theaters starting October 1st! If you’ve been in the dark, or just found out about Goddamn Electric Bill, I have a lot of music in this film which premiered at The Sundance Film Festival, in Dramatic Competition, this year.
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